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The Nuco International Group comprises of two businesses; Nuco International and Nu: Agencies. Both companies have extensive experience and knowledge in the sourcing of raw materials and finished goods globally, supplying paper-based products and printable materials for a variety of applications and end uses. Added to this they offer their customers their expertise in managing worldwide supply chain.

The Nuco International Group is a British company founded in 2004. Based in Meriden, the heart of England, Nuco began as specialists in sourcing and creating paper-based stationery for the supply into leading retailers and supermarkets across the globe. 12 years later in 2016, Nu: Agencies was founded following the creation of innovative, environmentally friendly alternatives supplied into the traditional PVC card market. Today Nu: Agencies are established specialists in sourcing and suppling a vast number of different card manufacturing materials for many different card application types as well as being a leading supplier into the UK flexible film industry.

Nuco International LTD are specialist suppliers of paper-based stationery such as printer paper, notebooks, filing, kids craft and mailing products in both nu: brand and private label for leading retailers and supermarkets worldwide. The nu: Notebooks brand was created in 2004 to provide the market with trend lead, affordable, quality notebook brand for everyday use in the home, school and office, using our expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and our flair for design. Nuco are a prominent supplier of printer paper into the retail market, supplying customer own brand, nu: brand as well as partnering with leading global manufacturers to provide a variety of specifications and solutions for every consumer end use.



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Part of the Nuco International Group, Nu: Agencies are an international trading company focused on supplying a range of printable materials to a number of sectors within the printing industry.
Nu: Agencies focus primarily, but not exclusively, on two distinct sectors; materials to produce plastic and paper cards and plastic films and paper for the flexible food printing sector.
Nu: Agencies works with a number of major plastic and paper manufacturers spanning the globe.
These partnerships mean Nu: Agencies can provide clients with a vast range of quality assured printable products, without any of the complications or challenges normally associated with importing and managing extended global supply chains.

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